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Isabella Newborn – 14 Days New – Newborn Photography Brisbane & Johannesburg

Oh South Africa, how I missed you!

Before visiting South Africa again this year, I let out the word that I would be bringing my camera, and would be available for sessions including newborns, babies, maternity and families. And two weeks before I landed, a sweet baby girl was born and the planning started!

Annelize and I went through colours and textures in my prop collection, and she quickly picked out some of her favourite items and told me to bring whatever else I would like to use. I was so excited to use some of the colours I haven’t been asked to use yet, like yellow and green, and some of the sweetest new props I was looking to use in the near future. So a week after she booked with me, I packed my bags, possibly with more props than my own clothes, and off I went to visit my home country, my family, my friends.

It seems like since specialising in newborns, South Africa has at least one gem of a newborn for me to photograph while I’m there! <3 In 2015 it was the sweetest little Nina, and this year it was an equally adorable little girl, Isabella.

With two older brothers awaiting her, little Bella has a house full of love surrounding her. We had such a special time and captured some of my favourite newborn images yet! She was a perfect little model, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Photographing these precious little miracles brings me so much joy, and editing their photos does the same. I am thankful for every new life that is placed in my hands for a few hours, and the reward of creating something that will stay in their family for generations is something I absolutely treasure.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer around the Brisbane area (or in Johannesburg in a year’s time), look no further - enquire here for more information, I would love to hear from you and photograph your baby and family.

Visit me me on my Facebook and Instagram pages for more, I’d love to have you!



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