About Sonja Griffioen

You are loved! You are unique! You, simply amazing.

My name is Sonja Griffioen and I am passionate about people. About new life. About marriage and relationships. I am just as passionate about capturing this love and seeing it displayed on the walls of my clients, knowing how precious those moments are to them.

My true passion is photographing newborns and families – capturing moments and memories that make so much more than just beautiful photos. When displayed on your walls, these works of art create a warmth in your home, and tell the story of the love you share as a family.

If you haven’t had a professional photography session before, what are you waiting for?! It’s more fun than you might think! I will make sure you know what to expect every step of the way and that the images you walk away with are more than what you hoped for!

I hope you love what you see and I want to encourage you to book a session with me. Imagine your family in these images! xox

Contact me to book your session now! Enquire or email me now at and visit me on FacebookInstagram or Google+, I’d love for you to say hello :)